Sharing Design Images, Ideas, and information can take many formats and directions.  Applied design concepts are experiential, as well.  Sometimes a review of the experience or objective may be informative in the Design Share.  When interior and or architecture effectively applies design concepts the palette, texture, arrangement, detail and illumination of a space help to create the composition which is experienced.
We don't want to make the Design Share blog experience too heady or complex.   We hope you enjoy the variety and content – it’s nice to share it.    <   WELCOME Aboard!  ...
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Whether a design project involves a remodel, new construction, interior modification, change in use of a space, improvements to the site, and/or aesthetic changes – we strive to accomplish specific goals in every design project.

What occurs in many projects is something which, if handled well is not a big deal.  Colleagues in the Design Industry tend to agree that one of the best ways to...
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As a design firm we recently had the challenge and opportunity to determine a plan to redesign our website and social media platform.  It can be daunting even in the design arena, since we had specific desired outcomes in mind: To be understandable and accessible to others (By being so close to projects it can be difficult to be objective in this matter so candid and professional outside input helps a lot)To favorably present recent project examples To retain a clean aesthetic with warmth To set up a web format which allows for text and image updates


These steps might be helpful...
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