Introduction - Welcome to the Design Share

Sharing Design Images, Ideas, and information can take many formats and directions.  Applied design concepts are experiential, as well.  Sometimes a review of the experience or objective may be informative in the Design Share.  When interior and or architecture effectively applies design concepts the palette, texture, arrangement, detail and illumination of a space help to create the composition which is experienced.

We don't want to make the Design Share blog experience too heady or complex.   We hope you enjoy the variety and content – it’s nice to share it.    <   WELCOME Aboard!   >

Whether in the built environment, on a canvas, through the lens of a camera or experienced in action and in more of a 3-D form, design can be informative and sometimes transformational. The share may be stimulus for thought about a project you are considering or less directly applicable and more informational. 

Here is a synopsis of our Four Design Share Blog Categories as we prep to post:

BUILDINGS + ART  - This category is focused on sharing images and information about built projects, created environments, and sometimes fine art.  

SPACES - Refers to Interiors, Exteriors and Designed Environments with images to showcase good design results from a range of projects and created spaces.

MATERIALS + TECHNOLOGY  -  Features the way materials and technologies are used, detailed, and integrated - sometimes into architecture, interiors, or as stand alone.  Occasionally new releases of products or advances will be shared. 


SHARED IDEAS   - Explores the framework and thought process or philosophy which influenced the design / designer. Also included are thoughts from Maxon Design in regard to articles, project design management, and other relevant topics in the Design Arena.   

We identify projects and sources when information is provided.   In social media posts however, sometimes the specific information is not available.  If we have overlooked information you have please inform us so that we can give credit and be thorough. 

Enjoy the Design Process - it has much to offer!