MAXON DESIGN + getting design help

As a design firm we recently had the challenge and opportunity to determine a plan to redesign our website and social media platform.  It can be daunting even in the design arena, since we had specific desired outcomes in mind:

  1. To be understandable and accessible to others

    (By being so close to projects it can be difficult to be objective in this matter so candid and professional outside input helps a lot)

  2. To favorably present recent project examples

  3. To retain a clean aesthetic with warmth

  4. To set up a web format which allows for text and image updates


These steps might be helpful for your future projects

  1. Identify priorities (see above)

  2. Determine resources including financial

  3. Generate ideal time targets and parameters

  4. Meet with competent consultants to determine what may be needed beyond what is immediately available

    (In our case this required additional photography, developing some content, and editing)


Our takeaway as we learn from this Design Experience

  1. Consider your strengths and seek complimentary expert assistance

  2. Trust the creative process and be open to input = better results   

  3. Realize that collaboration takes effort and is enriching 

  4. Results can surpass expectations – Our experience in working with

FiveOne Development  (619) 728-5151

Enjoy the Design Process - It has much to offer!