Lady Gaga had formal classical training prior to her expressive launch as a performer.  Often the training and talented background of many artists may not be apparent in comparison to later works. 
In a close up of the pastel one can see a skillful build up of the cheek and a use of texture to create a portrait that almost has a 3-D quality to it.  Last hint - this was done in 1938.
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form: Curves

Repetition of form or shape can create balance, order and in the attached images – graceful and a voluptuous visual presence. The forms of course are functional acoustically and in the engineering of the built forms.  These are examples from renowned architect Zaha Hadid who has repeatedly generated amazing and beautiful structures
Form may follow function but consider the artistry of...
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Site & Building Harmony - the Salk Institute in San Diego (prior to a subsequent addition) has complete symmetry which provides a forced perspective.  Accessible water element nearby and vast ocean beyond creates poetic link. The play of...
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